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William E. Wood and Associates x Dress-Lace Inc Maxi Lace Dress

William E. Wood and Associates x Dress-Lace Inc Maxi Lace Dress – Black Colour / Long Sleeves / Open Back / Rounded Neckline

This William E. Wood and Associates x one is a lovely sexy ladies maxi lace dress. It is coloured in a fine black, and made out of high grade stretchy material. The cut of the dress allows the piece to bring out all the best parts of a ladies body, without having to bear too much skin. It is very classy, and highly attractive. It is the type of dress that you can turn to when you have a ball to attend, or if you are looking for prince charming to knock you off your feet. The neckline of the dress is very low cut, and rounded- and the backside of the dress is open and rounded too. It allows you to show off your chest, and back with great style! The sleeves are long length, and will cover your arms all the way down to the wrist. The length of the skirt is ankle length, and it flares out a little bit more too, so there is a type of trail at the back of the lace dress. It is just perfect, to grab attention from onlookers and have all eyes on you. When it comes to sizing the piece is great as there are 5 sizes on offer, starting from extra small, all the way up until extra-large. Be sure to pick up a piece for yourself today, whilst stocks last.

Newport News, Virginia – Real Estate and Lifestyle

Surrounded by the waters of the gentle York River, historic Hampton Roads, and beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Newport News, Virginia (VA), located across the river from Smithfield, is an ideal home for anyone–but especially those whose interests or livelihoods revolve around shipping or maritime history.

True to its geography and past, the economy of Newport News, VA is today largely focused on all things marine. The city is home to one of our nation’s foremost military shipbuilding and ship repair facilities, Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipbuilding. Major nonmilitary freight outfits such as C&O Railway and CXS Transportation depend on shipping through here as well. And dozens of smaller shipping and marine related businesses thrive here.

But residents attest that this town is much more than just maritime industry. It is also a comfortable home. Like many modern urban centers, Newport News, VA offers numerous real estate options. It has its share of high-end and modest housing as well as a healthy mix of older and new real estate construction.

Neighborhoods such as Riverside and James Landing are ideal for buyers who prefer a bit of luxury. Those who like a generously-sized lot paired with a humble yet spacious building may choose the Port Warwick or Kiln Creek real estate area. If you prefer the friendliness of a modest neighborhood, you will love the 1960s brick construction common in Beechwood, or the traditional two-stories so prevalent in Peach Orchard. For history buffs, Hilton Village and Huntington Heights are attractive options, both communities featuring charming homes that date to 1920. And these are just a few of the many real estate options Newport News, VA has to offer!

Newport News, VA families have many reasons to be happy. Mom and Dad find easy highway access for the drive to work. Career opportunities in the military, civil service, marine-related industries, and countless other fields abound both within city limits and within a short commute, such as Smithfield. Meanwhile, school children of all ages benefit from the Newport News’s award-winning schools: Newsweek and the International Music Products Association have recognized Newport News, VA schools for outstanding music and International Baccalaureate programs. And three times in recent years, America’s Promise has honored Newport News, VA as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People, citing the city’s commitment to excellent schools, community mentorship programs, and at-risk assistance efforts.

Relaxation is a serious business in Newport News, VA. The city features some 31 public parks. One, Newport News Park, is over 8,000 acres in size, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States and the largest in Virginia. The park offers common features including playground equipment and picnic facilities as well as real estate dedicated to camping, boating, fishing, biking, hiking, golf, and archery.

Educational fun abounds in this urban paradise as well. The Mariners Museum, Virginia War Museum, and the Newsome and Fields Houses all appeal to the historian within. The Virginia Living Museum, with its live animal exhibits and planetarium shows, brings out the scientist in visitors of all ages. And Newport News, VA offers culture with its annual Fall Folk Art Festival and active promotion of music, dance, and theater productions in neighboring cities.

Find your home or real estate in Newport News, VA, and be a part of living history every day!

Elizabeth City, North Carolina – Real Estate and Lifestyle

Though the native Americans named the primary river of Elizabeth City, NC, “Pasquotank,” which means “where the waters divide,” the town has often been described as a place where people come together. Situated on the border of Camden and Pasquotank Counties, Elizabeth City, NC in many ways functions as a hub for its region, bustling with activity year-round. Yet Elizabeth City, NC can hardly be called urban: instead, it is a small town that packs a big punch.

Known in the worldwide boating community as “The Harbor of Hospitality,” Elizabeth City, NC is noted for its tradition of welcoming visiting boaters with roses. But the hospitality doesn’t end there. That friendly Elizabeth City, NC goodwill extends to residents year round. As a resident, you will find history, civic opportunities, recreation, solid schools, and business support all at your fingertips.

Elizabeth City abounds in North Carolina history. Among the downtown tours and museums, one discovers the background of local shipping, aviation, agriculture, community real estate development, and colonial history. Yet with all its appreciation for the past, Elizabeth City, NC is an area committed to sensible growth and the advancement of technology. An active and ambitious future of tourism and business development is afoot, including the possibility of a major hotel and business conference center along Water Street’s real estate.

Elizabeth City offers real estate well-suited to the quiet pride typical of North Carolina. If you prefer simple living, perhaps a cozy cottage nestled on a low-maintenance property in this Main Street community fits the bill. Love history? A turn-of-the-century restoration in the Old Town district may suit your fancy. While many homes are modest, there are notable exceptions. Boaters, for example, can live their hobby daily in scenic luxury waterfront properties.

No matter what style of real estate you choose, the conveniences of urban living abound: city-operated water and sewage services exist in all areas. Elizabeth City State University is located here. Numerous aviation/airship and other technological manufacturing companies operate within city limits. Public and private recreation facilities, including 12 acres of waterfront parks, offer an abundance of outdoor activities and organized sports. And nearly 80% of Elizabeth City, NC’s workforce reports a commute time of 15 minutes or less. These conveniences add up to “Discover the Good Life Daily,” the city’s proud motto.

If you’re looking for the familiar comforts of metropolitan life coupled with the charm, character, and personal touch of a small town, look to Elizabeth City, NC.