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Hampton, Virginia – Real Estate and Lifestyle

From its unique place in history as the first landing of the English settlers to its role in space exploration as the training site for the Mercury Seven crew, Hampton, Virginia (VA), is truly a “City of Firsts.” And for the modern-day home buyer, Hampton, VA real estate can also be described as “first-rate.”

Landlocked from two directions and bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and the York River from the other two, Hampton, VA’s geography offers a mixture of accessibility and safe harbor. This variety is reflected in the city’s real estate as well: from the modest to the grand, from historic architecture to the very latest designs, chances are, the home you want exists in Hampton, VA.

Some of Hampton, VA’s neighborhoods are traditional. Two examples, Cherry Acres and Aberdeen Gardens, feature modest homes in classic styles including Cape Cod and single-family ranch. Both areas enjoy down-to-earth residents whose carefully tended properties reflect quiet pride. Other neighborhoods feature a pleasant mixture of real estate styles. Buckroe Beach, for example, one of the oldest resort communities in Virginia, displays both history and modern-day appeal in its blend of old and new, simple and spectacular real estate. Most properties in this area have waterfront features or even direct beach access.

Those who prefer a country atmosphere have options in Hampton, VA also. While the city is largely urban or suburban, a few small farms do remain. And neighborhoods such as Briarwood Terrace, while not far from the heart of the city, feature generously-sized lots that offer the quiet respite of country living.

Homeowners with a flair for the fashionable may enjoy areas such as Colonial Acres. An involved community with an active HOA, this neighborhood features many high-end single-family properties. Most have waterfront orientation, some with deep-water access. Home buyers with similarly refined tastes who prefer condo living may consider Crystal Lakes, which features lovely landscaping, an active community, and lakefront views.

But whatever their style, all of Hampton, VA’s residents enjoy the comforts of city living. Most homes are only a few minutes’ drive from the city’s civic center and all the familiar conveniences: performance and convention venues such as Hampton Coliseum, the business district, shopping, and easy access to the highway system.

Hampton, VA takes urban blight seriously. Renovated or rebuilt homes are designed to fit the style of the existing neighborhood, maintaining the character of the area while eliminating substandard real estate conditions. In addition, the city has an active Crime & Grime campaign which aims to get residents personally involved in fighting blight. As a result, Hampton, VA has enjoyed a significant decrease in crime rates over the past several years.

Community involvement in Hampton, VA isn’t limited to urban concerns, however. This city offers a wide variety of recreational activities year-round, from organized sports and nature/outdoor programs to dance and art classes for every age level. In addition, Hampton, VA’s calendar is dotted with special events such as festivals and shows, sales, and films for people of all interests. And they have five well-stocked branch libraries. Readers can also interact online through the libraries’ Gotta Read, Gotta Blog! feature.

For those who simply wish to enjoy a little down time, Hampton, VA sports 22 public beaches, parks, trails, and preserves suited to many tastes. One unique to Hampton’s history is Air Power Park, where aviation and space enthusiasts can enjoy exhibits that feature real aircraft. And of course, the historic and still-active Langley Air Force Base and the Virginia Air and Space Center are here in Hampton as well.

Hampton, Virginia, truly is the City of Firsts. Why not make it first on your list of home buyer’s real estate!