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Though the Native Americans named the primary river of Elizabeth City, NC, "Pasquotank," which means "where the waters divide," the town has often been described as a place where people come together. Situated on the border of Camden and Pasquotank Counties, Elizabeth City, NC in many ways functions as a hub for its region, bustling with activity year-round. Yet Elizabeth City, NC can hardly be called urban: instead, it is a small town that packs a big punch.

Known in the worldwide boating community as "The Harbor of Hospitality," Elizabeth City, NC is noted for its tradition of welcoming visiting boaters with roses. But the hospitality doesn't end there. That friendly Elizabeth City, NC goodwill extends to residents year round. As a resident, you will find history, civic opportunities, recreation, solid schools, and business support all at your fingertips.

Elizabeth City abounds in North Carolina history. Among the downtown tours and museums, one discovers the background of local shipping, aviation, agriculture, community real estate development, and colonial history. Yet with all its appreciation for the past, Elizabeth City, NC is an area committed to sensible growth and the advancement of technology. An active and ambitious future of tourism and business development is afoot, including the possibility of a major hotel and business conference center along Water Street's real estate.

Elizabeth City real estate offers properties well-suited to the quiet pride typical of North Carolina. If you prefer simple living, perhaps a cozy cottage nestled on a low-maintenance property in this Main Street community fits the bill. Love history? A turn-of-the-century restoration in the Old Town district may suit your fancy. While many homes are modest, there are notable exceptions. Boaters, for example, can live their hobby daily in scenic luxury waterfront properties.

No matter what style of real estate you choose, the conveniences of urban living abound: city-operated water and sewage services exist in all areas. Elizabeth City State University is located here. Numerous aviation/airship and other technological manufacturing companies operate within city limits. Public and private recreation facilities, including 12 acres of waterfront parks, offer an abundance of outdoor activities and organized sports. And nearly 80% of Elizabeth City, NC's workforce reports a commute time of 15 minutes or less. These conveniences add up to "Discover the Good Life Daily," the city's proud motto.

If you're looking for the familiar comforts of metropolitan life coupled with the charm, character, and personal touch of a small town, look to Elizabeth City, NC.