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Norfolk Virginia homes for sale.

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Norfolk Homes for Sale History: nearly three hundred years of pride. Commerce: home of businesses from the local to the international. Education: solid foundations for the next generation. Culture: music, theater, art, sports, and more. Norfolk, Virginia, offers a little of everything. The area combines the comforts of modern living, urban conveniences, and energetic culture with a gentle touch of Southern charm.

Norfolk, Virginia's many facets are unified by a few common interests and pursuits. Known world-wide for its naval history, the city boasts the world's largest active installation, the Norfolk Naval Base. Norfolk, VA is also home to several prominent educational and research centers, including Old Dominion University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine.

Norfolk, Virginia's interests in rigorous training and broad learning are instilled even in its youngest citizens through its schools. In addition to solid general education, Norfolk, Virginia Public Schools offer something for those with special interests: among the city's five high schools, world-class programs such as JROTC and International Baccalaureate as well as academies for specialized study in the arts, military science, medical and health fields, and science and engineering are thriving.

Like the city itself, Norfolk Virginia real estate is well rounded. With over 120 distinct neighborhoods ranging from the historic to the brand-new, and housing types that run the gamut from high-rise urban condominiums to roomy suburban single-family comfort or even waterfront living, there is sure to be real estate just right for your lifestyle preference.

Norfolk, Virginia boasts a true downtown complete with bustling commerce, high-rise buildings replete with offices and residential units, great shopping and dining, and abundant foot traffic. Residents of the Portlock or St. Paul's Place, for example, enjoy the comfort of home as well as easy access to all a thriving downtown has to offer. With its wide variety of venues such as Scope, Harrison Opera House, Town Point Park, MacArthur Mall, Chrysler Museum, and Nauticus, culture and entertainment for all tastes and ages are within close reach. And leave the driving behind: for residents, much of this can be accessed by means of public transportation.

Just north of the pulse that is the city's downtown heart, you'll find the Ghent area of Norfolk, Virginia. Ghent offers an eclectic mix of fine dining, exciting nightlife, and a healthy range of business real estate. But Ghent is not just for the weekend: it's a very desirable place to live. Real estate options in this area range from the character of a restored historic or upgraded established home, as found in the Hague or West Ghent, to the fashionably modern condo such as those surrounding Stockley Gardens. Or opt for a luxurious combination of the two such as the Colonnades. Those who love the atmosphere created by cozy tree-lined streets will find themselves perfectly at home in Ghent, as will residents who value nearness and convenience to urban amenities.

For suburban living, look to areas east or northeast of Norfolk, Virginia's downtown. Charming, established single-family neighborhoods like Winona are not far away. Just a little farther from Norfolk's center, an abundance of comfortable real estate, such as that in Azalea Gardens and River Oaks, graces the city with humble, homey beauty. Or, for the convenience of a condo or luxury of a new townhouse, try the Broad Creek or Sewells Point areas.

If you love life on the water, Norfolk, Virginia's riverfront and bayfront real estate offerings should be on your short list. Look, for example, to neighborhoods in the Willoughby or Ocean View areas. Communities here range from single-family properties with deep-water access to breezy, low-maintenance condos with stunning views or even beach access. And with its miles of exposure to the Elizabeth River and its inlets, waterfront real estate housing options from the lovely and humble to the exquisitely grand are abundant.

The City of Norfolk, Virginia takes great pains to extend both an initial welcome and long-term service to its citizens. Through its Department of Neighborhood Preservation, Norfolk centralizes these services and makes them available to all areas. If you are wondering whether you qualify for a loan, are interested in designing and building your own new home, or wish to renovate an existing property, the city has resources readily available to assist.

For a hometown that truly has it all, look no farther than Norfolk, Virginia.